Have an idea that you need prototyped or just need a 3D design created? Our staff can  help you bring these concepts to reality with expertise in design and engineering.

Every Purchase Helps in a Huge Way.

Click below to submit a request for 3D scanning real objects into virtual files for replication, repairs, or any other applications you might have.

See the 3D Printing in Action!

All proceeds from our professional 3D printing and design services go towards helping the disabled community.
Have an existing object you want converted into a 3D design? Using our 3D Laser Scanner we can create a 3D model from an existing object and can then reproduce that object using 3D printing.
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If you already have a 3D file ready to go we can print it out for you with the best prices and quality you will see anywhere. Our prices are based on being a non profit initiative!