Non Profit 3D Printing for a Great Cause.

SolidWorks, contributor to Access Independence
Access 3D services in Bridgeport / Stratford, CT is a sub entity of the non profit company Access Independence which has been helping people with disabilities get the resources and services they need since 1986 . The sub entity was started with a small state grant as a way to supplement reduced future state funding given the recent CT billion dollar deficit so that the company can keep providing assistance to the community. As a recognized Assistive Technology provider, 3D printing was the perfect area for Access Independence to branch out to as it allows us to provide more customized Assistive Technology to those that need it.

At Access 3D services our mission is to provide inexpensive 3D printing resources to everyone. So whether you need customized Assistive Technology developed or are just looking to do some hobby printing and would like to contribute to a great cause come try us out!

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