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About Us

Non Profit 3D Printing for a Great Cause.

Access 3D Services in Stratford, Connecticut is located in the Greater Bridgeport area and is a sub entity of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Access Independence.  Access Independence, a Center for Independent Living, has been providing vital supports and services to people with any type of disability from Stratford to Greenwich since 1986.

Access 3D Services was started with a small State grant with the purpose of increasing long-term sustainability in response to repeated reductions in State and Federal funding and the dismal financial future of the State.  As a recognized Assistive Technology provider, 3D printing was the perfect area for Access Independence to branch out to as it allows us to provide custom Assistive Technology items for those in need up to and including working prosthetics!  Additionally, all revenue generated by Access 3D Services goes directly to support free Independent Living services for people with any type of disability and will help to ensure a stable financial future for Independent Living services at Access Independence! 

At Access 3D Services our mission is to provide inexpensive, diverse 3D printing resources to everyone.  We pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of materials and services and a level of quality that is unsurpassed in the industry, so whether you need a piece of custom Assistive Technology developed or are looking to do some hobby printing and would like to contribute to a great cause at the same time please contact us regarding our services!