Access 3D Services provides Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printing with low setup costs and prices per cubic centimeter.  We are able to produce items in a variety of materials and colors within the following specifications:
•    Build volume up to 12.5” W x 8” L x 10” H
•    Layer thickness as low as 60 microns.
•    Printing at temperatures up to 315°C allows for a variety of materials including common materials like ABS, PLA and PETG as well as less common materials including Nylon, Polycarbonate, flexible filaments including TPU and TPE, metal- and wood-fill filaments in a myriad of materials and finishes and more.

Please email your 3D design file to with the following specifications so that we can provide an accurate quote:
•    Quantity:
•    Date Needed By:
•    Filament Material:
•    Desired Color (not all colors are available in every material):
•    Resolution (layer height in microns or if you don’t know, High/Standard/Low):
•    Infill Percentage (default is 20% if unknown):

To receive a quote on your project please email us your file at

Quote Request For 3D Printing